Splayfoot issues?

In our everyday live we usually walk on hard grounds and many women do not go out without their high heels. The consequence: the transverse arch of the foot sinks causing painful deformities and complaints like a splayfoot, hammer toe, bunion and calluses. Our splayfoot solutions give support to damaged feet, help to relieve discomfort and can also prevent a splayfoot.


What is a splayfoot?

A splayfoot is one of the most frequent foot deformities and can be severely painful. It occurs when the transverse arch – that runs from the big to the small toe – sinks and flattens due to improper strain. As a consequence, calluses can form on the bottom of the forefoot. Other symptoms are a burning sensation in your forefoot, pressure sensitivity, cramps and pain on the instep.

The flattened arch leads to a widening of the forefoot – the metatarsal bones and therefore the toes spread, hence the name splayfoot. When wearing shoes, the toes are compressed widening the front, the ball of the foot clearly sticks out. It is quite easy to recognize a splayfoot at an early stage as the inner sole of the shoes (or the insole) tends to be more worn in the middle. This area is usually darker and appears more compressed.


Support for people with splayfoot issues

Metatarsal pads and foot supports with integrated pads are an effective treatment to relieve discomfort caused by splayfoot problems. They support the front part of the foot and allow the forefoot and the metatarsal bones to maintain and regain their anatomically correct position. Regular foot exercise and massages can also help the foot’s muscles to relax and strengthen.


Our splayfoot solutions

  • pedag Lady Gel: Gel cushion for forefoot and heel with integrated metatarsal pad
  • pedag Comfort: For flat shoes with heel cushion for pronounced splayfoot

The foot supports of our Viva family also come with a slight metatarsal pad and can therefore prevent tired and aching feet as well as a splayfoot.

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