Kölln Crispy Cereal containing Oats and Honey

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Production Date: July 12, 2022

Expiry Date: July 12, 2023

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    With 34% whole grain oats and honey, Kölln Zauberfleks® honey enchant with their
    pleasantly restrained sweetness and crispy light enjoyment – that’s how the start in
    the day so much fun!.

    They contain 35% less sugar than conventional crunchy breakfast cereals
    with honey. In doing so, we naturally rely on the use of sugar substitutes
    deliberately omitted.

    Good to know:

    Both Kölln Zauberfleks® variants contain 15 g of sugar per 100 g. This means that they meet the World Health Organization’s nutritional criteria for breakfast cereals. In this way, they contain 35% less sugar than conventional crunchy breakfast cereals with honey or chocolate.

    So that children can get to know the natural taste of Zauberfleks® and refine them according to their own taste, Kölln Zauberfleks® are free of flavors and colorings. In addition, they are not enriched with vitamins or minerals – because we at Kölln believe in a varied diet!

    Ingredients: Flour (corn flour 34% whole oat flour), sugar, wheat starch, honey (1,5%), glucose syrup, coconut oil, table salt, lecithin emulsifier.

    Made In Germany

    Nutritional Facts

    per 100g

    energy 1,684kJ / 398kcal

    Fat 4.9g

    saturated fatty acids 2.2g

    carbohydrates 80g

    sugars 15g

    fiber 4.7g

    protein 6.6g

    Salt 0.47g

    Amount Per Serving
    % Daily Value *

    Weight 375 g


    Warning May contain nuts and milk


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