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Sport Kitchen High Protein Coffee

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Get your protein and a natural energy boost from caffeine with this smooth, great-tasting real coffee protein drink.

You can blend with added ice for a great iced coffee, or stir into warm milk or water for a warm coffee drink. Alternatively, you can use as a normal protein drink but with the great taste of barista coffee with an added boost from the natural caffeine in coffee.

Enjoy before training or between meals to boost protein intake in your morning or afternoon coffee breaks.

Don’t drink too close to bedtime as contains caffeine as all coffee drinks do.

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional information: every 36 g

119 calories

1.6 g fat

20 g protein

8.7 g carb

130 mg caffeine

Gluten Free

Milk from grass-fed cows

Low carbs

Does not contain added sugar

Does not contain soy

How to prepare : You can enjoy a cup of high protein coffee cold or warm either by adding ice and water or cold milk or by mixing it with warm water or warm milk Do not drink it before bedtime because it contains caffeine

Amount Per Serving
119 calories
% Daily Value *

Weight 36 g


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