What items do you buy for your family and self? Do you tend to turn to certain shelves and avoid others? Do you take your time reading products’ data? Are you looking for the best for your health and the health of your loved ones? 

The culture of our society is taking small yet effective steps towards change, and we believe that each initiative will and is finding its own way to spread awareness among individuals of the importance of better lifestyle choices. And, this is what provoked us in 2010 to establish Kood Foods. The idea began with a personal effort, managed and ran by Khaled Al-Duwaikh for two years, and then expanded further from The State of Kuwait, to reach Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Bahrain. And now, expanding proudly, to more than 100 locations. The company aims to spread a culture that is a bit new to the market, represented by the providing natural and healthy products, edible and non-edible, to become accessible to everyone, in terms of its multiple options and reasonable prices. 


Kood Foods becoming the first Arab umbrella that guides and supports young enthusiastic individuals to invest, devote and manage projects related to healthy products and healthier lifestyle choices.  

We Deal With Various Quality Natural Products!

Providing healthy, natural, nutritional and non-edible products in the local market, while helping enthusiastic starters in the field find their own path to grow. 



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