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    Hallux valgus is a common malposition of the foot. Incorrect gait technique, too tight or too small shoes, but also genetic predisposition can lead to the development of a hallux valgus. This causes the big toe at the base joint to bend inwards, which puts more strain on the ball of the foot, which can lead to pain at the ball of the foot and in the area of the forefoot.

    The pedag Hallux + Forefoot Pad is made of soft gel with memory effect and protects the ball of the big toe. The additional padding on the forefoot relieves the pressure on the metatarsals and ensures comfortable walking. The elastic textile cover ensures a pleasant wearing comfort and optimum fit. The Hallux + Forefoot Pad is worn like a stocking, the cushion remains securely in place.

    Nutritional Facts

    alleviates bunion problems

    eases walking and cushions

    for hallux valgus

    durable gel

    elastic textile cover

    washable at 40°


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